Custom Leather Furniture - Coja by Sofa4life

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When you invest in Coja leather furniture, you own the best leather design, comfort, quality and value available anywhere today! Find out why by watching this video.

Our Quality Leather

Bradford Sofa StrghtThe best leather is known as full grain.

This premium leather has not been buffed or sanded.

The quality of the finished leather is affected by the finishing process, and will be apparent in its softness and suppleness as well as the uniformity and penetration of the colour. Remember, the selection of the hides and their origin influence the quality of the leather and the price of the furniture. Also, an environment free from barbed wire and trees impacts the quality of the skin and hide.

Better hides are used for better leathers like natural or naked aniline leathers.

Lower quality hides are used for pigmented and corrected leathers, fully protected, buffed and pigmented.

There are other marks which can appear on the leather’s surface:

  • healed scratches and scars
  • barbed wire marks
  • stretch and vein marks, resulting from age and movement
  • age wrinkles
  • marks from branding, especially visible on South American hides
  • insect bites

Then there are differences in tone and grain, quite normal in genuine leather.