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With over 35 years of experience in the North American home furnishings industry we have learned how to promote, introduce, market products and increase sales.  Coja was founded in Holland more than 75 years ago, and established an enviable reputation throughout Europe for beautiful design, meticulous workmanship, great comfort and beautiful leathers. The Coja brothers came to North America in 1986 with three generations of fine leather expertise behind them. Over the last decade the company has evolved into a major online solution for those who want to sell online without the hassles. We manage today’s importer's, distributor's and manufacturer's products online, connect with partners, and provide sales opportunities to accelerate business growth. 

What we do

Coja's platform and experts help to quickly turn your products live. We understand how to start selling online without the learning curve. Our no nonsense approach will take your products and translate these them into sales.

With an experienced team and 35+ years in the home furnishings industry we offer a full range of opportunities to maximize online sales.

Launch Quickly

Do you want to sell online? Do you already sell online but aren’t satisfied? Do you want to expand and increase your online sales with different partners? Coja’s solutions will launch your products quickly. This means you never have to spend time setting up accounts, dedicate resources and coordinate your time to launch new products and expand with new or existing partners. 

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